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The first few weeks at South Riding Montessori Center will be an adjustment period for both you and your child. Some children adjust to a group setting without any apparent difficulty while others will cry and cling to you. Some children will become unusually quiet and will not join in activities. Other children become over-stimulated and act out aggressively.

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The following suggestions may help you to ease the adjustment period:

Do not hesitate to discuss your adjustment issues with your child's teacher or with one of the South Riding Montessori Center’s directors. The adjustment period varies for every child. This is a natural growth and developmental process. As children mature, they begin to identify themselves as independent personalities. In separating from you, your child is learning:

It is important to point out that sooner or later - after the initial successful adjustment to the school - all children want to explore the limits of not going to school. When this occurs, go back and use the above suggestions again. Remember, we are here for you! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free talk to your child's teacher or one of our directors.

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