"Children, from the moment they are weaned,
are making their way toward independence.”

- Maria Montessori

image/Title- - Toddler Program

(Ages 12 months to 24 months)

Maria Montessori developed a unique concept of education focusing on the child, utilizing a system of manipulative materials based on her observations of how the child interacted with the world. With this Montessori Method we view the child as a new being in the process of self-creation. One World's Infant Community provides an environment specifically suited to the developmental needs of very young children to become more self-sufficient and capable by following Dr. Montessori's philosophy. Dr. Montessori had a special vision for the very young child, and we manifest this in our Infant Community program. Here children 12 to 24 months learn to care for themselves and interact with one another and their environment in an atmosphere of loving support and respect. Materials and equipment are especially designed to help little muscles develop coordination, helping the child gain independence and self-esteem. Special attention is given to the development of expressive and comprehensive language skills. Parents are given ample opportunities for individual and group instruction during this exciting time of accelerated growth.

image/Title- - Pre-Primary Program

(Ages 2 to 3 years)

South Riding Montessori Center’s Pre-Primary program is designed to meet the specific developmental needs of the ever inquisitive two year old. It is our belief that children learn best by doing; therefore the environment is set up to allow maximum participation in classroom life. During the year children develop a new awareness of themselves as separate, unique people and they begin a new quest for independence. Our two year olds work with Montessori credentialed and trained teachers. Our low ratio of 8 to 1 assures plenty of verbal interaction with adult caregivers during this critical stage of language. Our teachers respond to this need by not rushing to entertain or control the children, but by rather quietly giving lessons and redirecting children who are struggling. Low shelves house a variety of appealing exercises for the child to explore independently. These materials offer a variety of choices to encourage decision making by choosing the “work” that calls to the child’s particular sensitive period. Each day the child experiences group lessons, singing, and musical movement as well as substantial time for independent and uninterrupted work. Potty training, care of the environment, outdoor play, and gross motor activities round out the daily experience. The classroom becomes a home away from home where children feel secure knowing their physical and emotional needs will be met and they are confident to attempt new and exciting challenges.

image/Title- - Primary Program

(Ages 3 to 6 years)

For the Primary aged child (3 to 6 years), we foster the process of self-creation by providing an environment in which the child can develop independently at his or her own pace while still gaining those social, physical, intellectual and emotional skills needed to function at best in society. It is composed of all the didactic materials developed by Maria Montessori with additional supplemental materials, music, art and language components. Montessori believed that all children carry within them the person they are to become. For them to develop to their utmost potential, freedom to choose activities within an environment especially designed to help them fulfill their needs is essential. South Riding Montessori Center’s Primary Program provides such an environment, making accessible materials that allow the child to interact with as many aspects of the world as possible, scaled down to his/her size. The materials often contain within them a control of error so the child can self-correct without adult intervention. The children learn through doing, experiencing the joy of individual discovery and mastery on their own terms, at their own speed. An essential aspect of Montessori Education is developing awareness of the interrelatedness of all life and humanity's responsibilities toward it. This is addressed on the Primary level through exposure to the different forms of life and caring for their needs. Children also participate in a peace education program, learning to listen actively, communicate positively, and to determine and create compromises and solutions.

image/Title- - Kindergarten Program

(Ages 5 and above)

Our Kindergarten program is a full day such that the whole day is a Montessori experience for your child. Our Montessori classroom is filled with a variety of specially designed materials for the children to use in every area: reading, writing, mathematics, science, geography, practical life, and sensorial development. The abundance of materials allows the children to exercise more self direction and independent work that is not usually possible in a traditional classroom. They are given many more choices than a traditional environment could provide. Children choose their activities from open shelves with self directed materials and work in distinct work areas - on tables or on rugs. Over a period of time, the children develop into a well adjusted community where young children (usually with short attention spans) learn to focus and concentrate for sustained periods of time, while deriving self-satisfaction from their work with few interruptions. We make a high value on the child’s growing ability to make constructive choices, exercise self control, and work independently of the adult.

Before & Afterschool Care

The Before and After School Program provides a relaxed atmosphere for South Riding Montessori Center students. Children may choose to participate in physical exercises, arts and crafts, music, dance, Spanish, cooking, socializing or any number of both spontaneous and organized projects and activities. The Before and After School Program incorporates characteristics of a Montessori environment such as freedom of choice, respect, exploration, movement and consistency.

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