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Though our mission at South Riding Montessori Center is to provide you with quality and developmentally appropriate programs for your children, our underlying goal is to provide your child with a safe and secure environment.


South Riding Montessori Center is a highly secured building in which screened access via close circuit cameras is the only way in which entry is granted to the Center. The primary entry point is the bright blue door which is always locked and secured along with all the outdoor play areas gates. Each classroom has a close circuit cameras which can be viewed remotely.


All tours of the Center are by appointment and a state issued Identification card or driver’s license is required. A digital log of all visitors to the Center is kept and maintained at all times along with a sign in and sign out policy at the front desk.

Medication Administration Trained Staff

In the event a child falls ill, they will have the opportunity to take a break from our academic program in the Health and Recovery Center. While there, your child is always under the supervision of one of the Center’s directors and a staff member who has successfully completed training in both First Aid and CPR, in addition to having the Medication Administration Training Program or MAT training as well. South Riding Montessori Center exceeds the state of Virginia’s requirements for the total number individuals who are MAT certified at our Center. 

Fire Drills

Monthly unscheduled fire drills are performed throughout the whole school. Exists are clearly labeled in each of the classrooms with alternative routes for exiting the building. Each class has its own exit which does not require the use of stairs or elevators since the school is specifically constructed on a single elevation design thereby ensuring an efficient and smooth flow of both daily and evacuation traffic while in the Center.

Criminal History Background Check

To further ensure the safety of your child, all staff members are required to undergo a Criminal History background check and must be cleared by Child Protective Services. In addition, staff members must successfully complete Tuberculosis screening ensuring that all staff members are free and clear of communicable diseases.

Individuals Permitted To Pick Up Child

There is also an updated list of individuals who are permitted to pick up your child and if the person who visits the Center is not on the list, they will not be permitted to pick up your child. Individuals who are on the list may also be asked to show proof of identification in the event they are not recognized or if it is their first visit to the Center.

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